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We are a communication and content agency composed by Brazilian games industry veterans.

We put into practice an experience of more than 20 years to offer creative approaches and effective results.

Works with us and find out the difference we can do to your products.

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A survey with over 110 local video game journalists to understand the challenges faced during content production and how to make your game become big news.


Who We Are

Theogames is a content and communications agency specialized in video games. We help organizations – from global industry leaders to bedroom developers – tell their story and generate the most value from their projects in Brazil.

Brazil is an exciting market for video games, but on the other hand brings very specific challenges.

We see ourselves as an extension of our clients’ team, working to perfect their message, identify their audience and secure coverage in all its forms.

What separates Theogames from other communications firms is the strength of our relationships with media and influencers. Theogames was founded by Theo Azevedo, a former gaming journalist with more than 20 years of experience covering the video games industry in Brazil.

Headquartered in São Paulo, Theogames is composed by journalists, storytellers and content creators with a profound passion for the things you create.

We can provide a targeted and more creative approach, realize more compelling results and deliver better ROI.

What We Do


With a team of seasoned industry veterans, our PR staff will leverage its relationships with top-tier media and streamers to ensure your game is covered by targeted outlets, creating and executing strategic communications plan, generating widespread coverage and conveying key messaging. Besides Gaming, Technology, Esport and Mobile segments, when it comes to hit the broad media, we pitch TVs, magazines and newspapers about gaming related stories.

Social Media

Brazilians love social network: 88% of the local population access Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other services, spending hours on them every day*. We create content that has a clear mission and delivers on business and marketing objectives, working with each social media platform and create purpose made content to fit. We offer full-service social media management which ensures round-the-clock monitoring, crisis management and reactive opportunity appraisal.

Content Creation

Whether you’re creating copy for customers, SEO, social media or paid channels, it’s imperative you optimise your content for people and search. While great content boosts clicks, links, likes and shares, ultimately it builds trust and loyalty, helping your business grow. Our team of copywriters, video editors, designers, and content developers are prepared to bring your content to life and expand your audience – everything tailor-made, with individual curation.

Clients Expertise

From independent games made by small studios to AAA titles from major publishers, we’ve had the great fortune to work with some amazing companies over the years:

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